Achievements Archive

  1. Dr. Gowda received ONO travel award (1000$) to present his research at 17th Bioactive lipids in cancer inflammation and related diseases, Oct 30-Nov 2,2022, New Orleans, USA.
  2. Grant Application to hire a technical staff was successful, 10.2022-0.32023 (250,000 JPY).
  3. Grants Received – FY2022 – Support System for the Collaborative Research of Next Generation Researchers – 500,000 JPY (Japanese YEN)
  4. Grants Received – FY2022 – SOUSEI Support Program for Young Researchers – 1,000,000 JPY (Japanese YEN)
  5. It’s nice to share that my master student – Chonsheng Liang received Directors excellent research award 2022. He his well trained with LC/MS and it’s application to lipid analysis. Best of luck dear for your future work in China.
  6. Good news: Our article on SFAHFAs is a top-cited article.