Research Highlights / Interests


Field of specialization : Analytical Chemistry, Food Science, Basic Chemistry


主な研究内容・研究テーマ Study area/ Research contents 

->   先進的なLC-MSを用いた疾患バイオマーカー探索のための脂質プロファイリング

Global lipid profiling for disease biomarker discovery using advanced LC-MS

->  ヒドロキシ脂肪酸の脂肪酸エステル(FAHFAs)の合成と機能性の研究

Synthesis and functional studies of fatty acid esters of hydroxy fatty acids (FAHFAs)

->  脂質代謝障害抑制のための食品組成分析とその成分スクリーニング

Food composition analysis and their constituents screening for inhibition of lipid metabolism disorders

Global Lipid fingerprinting by advanced liquid chromatography/ Mass spectrometry

  • Biomarker discovery for early diagnosis of dieses: Myocardial infarction, Obesity and Influenza
  • Discovery of functional lipids from food and their production

Elucidating the significance of fatty acid esters of hydroxy fatty acids (FAHFAs) derived from food

  • Analysis for the structural diversity of FAHFAs in dietary foods
  • Chemical synthesis of functional FAHFAs
  • In vitro evaluation of antioxidant effects of FAHFAs enriched foods

Discovery of food bioactive that control obesity associated with lipid metabolism disorder. 

  • Screening of food extracts for antiobesity effects by in vitro assay
  • In vivo studies on effect of food bioactives on obesity using high-fat diet fed animal models.

Skills required: Chemical synthesis |  LC/MS | Cell culture |

Computational tools (LC/MS data processing, R)

 At our laboratory lipidomics analysis services using targeted and unatargted LC/MS will be provided for the interested users/ researchers with an   affordable service charges to cover the costs of the analysis. We are always looking for commissioned analysis, joint research, consultation, etc.,   For more details, please contact Dr. Gowda.

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